The Crock-Pot Can Be Your Best Friend

crock potNo it’s true. I know maybe it can be slightly intimidating to some people, but trust me on this. You may be thinking to yourself that it’s just too easy, there has to be some kind of catch. Perhaps you’re put off by the fact that you don’t know what setting to put it on and you’re afraid you’re going to ruin your meal. It’s possible you’re confused about just what you can cook inside of it. Let me put all your fears and concerns to rest; the crock-pot can be your best friend because all you really have to do is prep and the cooker does everything else. I’ve sworn by this trusty Mother’s Little Helper for the past year and a half and I haven’t made a bad meal with it yet.

So what’s a crock-pot exactly? It sits on your counter, you plug it in, and the ceramic pot (they usually hold about six quarts of liquid) sits in an outer shell that contains a heating mechanism. The purpose of the crock-pot is to slow-cook your food at lower temperatures. This process takes longer to cook your food but is perfect for roasts, soups, stews, and, our favorite, chili. There are often three settings; high, low, and a “warm” setting. We mostly set our crock-pot to low, which means you’re looking at about 6-8 hours of average cook time versus a 4-6 hour time on high. Lower settings let your food simmer longer and the results are spectacular. (more…)

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